Jack Allen - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18

page 2

The past couple of weeks have been very slow and have felt as if i haven't had any interest in my work as the ideas are still very vague and not worth of any documentation. The title 'surrealism' has been playing on my mind and it is hard to think of anything original as the practice has been around since the 1920's, i would like to interpret many different artist with a mechanical/industrial feel as i i love the aesthetic of it all. There are people in my class who i feel aren't accomplishing the word surrealism and are getting side tracked by the true  meaning of the practice which is somehow good as i feel the need to explain the word even more, in which is helping me gain more of an understanding and think of some new ideas. 

To take a break from the slow start of my work i went to skiing for a week which was a good way to relax and not stress about the project, it was a great way to just sit back and think every now and again about a few ideas. There was a few people on the trip from different UAL's who study illustration, fine art, graphic design etc, and when speaking to them about my practice and theirs i was heavily influenced by what they had to say about surrealism and they helped me out with what i like as an aesthetic and how i could incorporate that within surrealism. This gave me the idea of highlighting the fact i like tea and industrial aesthetics, i was very eager to get back home and come up with a few sketches and designs.

This made me reflect on how unexpected i was to think of an idea when meeting new people on a holiday which was meant for escaping the project. For the future i am going to try and not block things out as much and instead embrace what is given to me.