Jack Allen - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18

page 3

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly slow and i have been taking my time with my sculpting and i am really trying to prove myself with this project so i am being very detailed within my work and want to make sure that everything is perfect. sculpting my own face has been really challenging but a massive learning curve, just because it was my own face i thought i would know everything about it but when people criticise my work they point out angles i would have never even thought to look at. Since examining my face so much i was starting to lose interest in what i was sculpting and wanted to try something new but could not approach anything else until i can get this face sculpted and ready for moulding and casting. A tutorial came up in the week for the use of the Z brush software which i have been interested in for a long time as it is a completely different way of sculpting and i believe that in the future as makers or designers we will be required to have this type of skill. This was a good little break away from my actual sculpting as i saw sculpting in a new modern light. The teacher was very knowledgable and gave us an insight on how Z brush is a huge part of the industry, potentially giving us more work in the future, He gave me professional help which i needed as i was so close to capturing my profile. 

After this week this is definitely something that i would be interested in when it comes to the industry and i would even like to find work experience in the summer which revolves around this software so that i could be taught further.