Jack Allen - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18

page 4

The Streets

I recently went to go and see one of my favourite bands called 'The Streets' and i wanted to give them a mention in my reflective journal because the whole night was one to remember the moment i left my house. after recently moulding and casting my sculpt i was under a lot of stress and the excitement to go and see the band laid off a lot of steam. When watching the band i found myself being more observant than usual and was starting to notice and admire not only the music that i am listening to but the lighting and stage production etc, which compliments the music and the look of the band massively and without it I'm sure they would be nothing. This made me think and relate it back to what i practice and what industry i will be getting myself into, because without the people making, designing, building etc the final product would not be anything without the background people. This also made me then think what work i could possibly be getting into as the Brixton o2 academy has an amazing set above the stage and I've always wondered who helped made that and what type of jobs those people are doing now. 

I wanted to show an image of the shark sticker with the pizza as it is backing up my statement of recently being more observant since starting to university and how much more i grow to be more observant. I always seem to find this sticker in the most random of places and have noticed in 4 times around London, all in completely different and weird quirky places. This interested me because it is such a mystery as to who made it and why i keep seeing it in really odd places, which then made me admire the small piece of artwork that has been produced and if in the future i will be able to produce something that someone else unknown would admire too.