Jack Allen - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18

page 5


Mechanisms and cogs are something i would like to speak about and reflect on as it has been such an annoyance at the moment with my work as i would like to hopefully build my own mechanisms but the more i look into it the more harder and well out of my depth they are. In the future i would like to build my own mechanism that allows to me proceed with my idea and not change it but the way they work is something i would really have to adapt to. I have taken an interest to mechanisms as it reminds me of the aesthetic of 1800's/1900's industrial feel and i want to incorporate it within my work. Instead of making my own mechanism and stressing over it, i got given an old popcorn spinner with a really nice old handle, perfect for my personal idea with a revolving tea cup underneath two bevel gears hidden by a metal table. Once you notice the movement of objects when walking around London you start to gain an understanding of how things move and what makes them move which i think is really interesting especially when it is so relevant and it feels as if i am learning without even meaning to 

progressing from this idea Esther gave me a really good link about women in the 1900's and how their purpose revolved around tea and glamorous parties which was really interesting and really relatable to my piece as it gave off the same aesthetic i was looking for. Incorporating this into my work really turned my ideas around and on track which was really helpful, so I'm glad that i am open when speaking about my practice and what i am going to produce as you never know what knowledge someone has and how they could potentially help you.