Jack Allen - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18

page 6

Marguerite Hameau 'Echoes'

Marguerite Rameau is a French born artist who lives and works in London, she graduated from The Royal College of Art in 2011.Her work focuses on communication between worlds and she has called herself an "Indiana Jones. Upon arrival for this exhibition at the Tate Britain i didn't know what to expect as it was recommended to us for the Surrealism project and was meant to inspire us. Tate Britain is quite a traditional museum so i wasn't sure how surreal this exhibition would be, especially as she is a recent artist. The piece 'Echoes' was very large and i could immerse myself within the piece, it was hard to gauge what was being displayed but definitely felt surreal in the sense that i was lost in thought when i was there and could gain an understanding of what was happening. Marguerite Hameau described her piece as 'Echoes was conceived as a confrontation between life and death'. The piece itself reminded me of somewhat feminist related as the symbolic structure in the centre of the brightly coloured yellow room looked like ovaries. 

Walking around the exhibition made me understand why the artist used such a large space as when you first walk in you think that what you see is what you get but in reality when immersing yourself within the piece you start to point out different parts of the room and get a different feel from what you saw on the other side of the room. One side of the room i felt very small up against this large structure but the yellow in the room defeated that fear, and then when going to the other side i felt as if the smaller structures made the room feel very open and again the yellow boosted that feeling. 

After seeing this exhibition it gave me an understanding of what contemporary surrealism may be and if i would like to incorporate it within my work. I quite like the thought of merging the old and the new as they are both the same practice but with just a different outlook on things