Jack Allen - Unit 8 Reflective Journal 17/18

page 7




The prosthetics project was a massive eye opener as to what i could possibly be doing in the future and a complete new field that i had new clew about. The techniques used were really handy and as it was at the start of the project i feel as if i would like to incorporate these techniques and materials in my Design and Make project such as the use of painting and the different types of silicones and types of moulds used. Even when producing the work i learnt so much in the small amount of time but this gave me a reason to really try and execute the finish product up to the highest standard i could possibly do. When working on this project i really liked the cleanliness that prosthetics has compared to all the usual messy stuff we work with, my personal space was clean and the materials i was working felt as if it was step by step guide, making the project as a whole a very stress free working environment. 

I am glad that i have learnt these skills over the past two weeks as it is definitely something that i would like to consider in the future as the skills are so precise and the outcome always looks amazing and life like if done well. Ive made myself recently not to be so precious with my work but it was good to be precious and delicate once again for a short amount of time, so maybe merging these two thoughts and finding a balance would help my practice.